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Nordic People rank among the Happiest and Healthiest People in the World. In Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, the Nordic Culture of Happiness and Health comes from the ideal of a simple and pure lifestyle, close to Nature.

Nordic Happiness


A life close to nature and healthy exercise. This concept can effectively be broken down into two parts: Spending time outdoors and getting involved in some kind of activity that you enjoy.


This can be anything from quaint and wholesome activities such as berry or mushroom picking in a forest, cross-country skiing in the winter, or going fishing in the summer or just go for hiking in the forest, take a rest and prepare a meal by the camp fire.


Do something new.

Nordic Nture

Mäkelä looked for something which was not yet found in Taiwan but could bring real value to Taiwaese culture.


Nordic Life stresses a close relationship with Nature, a smart work/life balance and strong, social values.


Inspired by the values embedded in the ‘Maruili Healthy Nordic Lifestyle’, our mission is to provide healthier, oat-based bakery products and snacks to our friends in Taiwan.


The Maruili Nordic Bakery & Café combines the concept of the Happy Nordic Culture and the Healthy New Nordic Diet.

Nordic Lifestyle


Begin exploring your city by foot, walk to that next meeting on foot, or get off the bus a stop earlier than usual, and always, always take the stairs.


Why not also take up Nordic walking, a full-body exercise that originated as a summer training regime for cross-country skiers. Nordic walking places an emphasis on getting your arms moving, using walking poles.

Nordic Outdoor activities

Nordic Values


Maruili was created to share the Nordic Happy and Healthy Lifestyle with my friends in Taiwan. The dream is to share the Nordic Culture of wholesomeness and wellness with you. We have been inspired by the rich, Nordic bread culture combined with the skilled, Taiwanese traditions. We are very proud to share our unique 51% Whole Grain Oat Breads with you.


To ensure an authentic Nordic Experience, we are passionate about our core values of integrity, honesty, reliability and friendliness.


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